We have an excellent refund and cancellation

If you no longer want the good or service you ordered,
simply fill a 'I want form', stating request for refund and we
will contact you to verify by email and phone, and go ahead and
process an immediate refund for you. This is usually 100%, but we may
charge you our service, handling and shipping fees, if the good is
already en route your location. For certain items, we may charge you
return shipment fees. Most times rejected goods are bought as soon as
or even before they arrive because of the great competitive price,
hence we usually give quick full refunds. Our less refunds are usually
for unpopular items that we might have to

Goods are ordered with your explicit approval
from merchants you select and approve unless otherwise stated or not

Early cancellation of purchases before goods are
received but after the order has been put through will receive full
refund less the service, handling and shipping fees if goods are
already shipped.

In event goods are already ready for pick up,
PerrySolution LLCreserves the right to
also charge re-shipment fees and re-stocking fees if the customer
declines to receive them.

Goods already received may only be
returned in the same package, with no evidence of tampering and all
accessories complete. PerrySolution LLC
reserves the right to approve of goods for return or disapprove.
Evidence of tampering or mal handling automatically rules out
possibility of return.

Customers must sign before accepting
goods to have either checked the condition of the goods at the
redemption center and verified them appearing intact, functional, and
in good condition, or customers will sign to have accepted the goods
in good faith without advised inspection, relinquishing PerrySolution LLC of any possible future charge
of deficient goods at collection.

Cars are purcahsed and accepted on an ‘as is’ basis. Clients must
inspect and approve of cars before taking delivery. Car return
requests will be subject to an individual basis aproval and must be
initiated less than 1 month after delivery.

PerrySolution LLC is not responsible for lost or
stolen or otherwise damaged by consumer, goods.

refund policy and cancellation terms may be revised between purchases,
so customers must re-visit our return policy before every new

We have 99% customer satisfaction, and
usually go out of our way to grant customers great consideration and
their choices, as your satisfaction is our only concern. receives Institute of Direct Marketing award for best international online shopping service. wyclefbuy direct Wyclef hangs with at Nigeria function, Pro audio event equipment procured and delivered by