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Single items and wholesale items delivered to you from across the world, at quarter your local store price!

Goods, services, computer software, machines, automobiles and parts, etc. These prices will get you asking for your money back for your latest purchases!

You select… We buy! We ship! All for a token

You pay local currency

Buy anything you want at the cheapest price possible when you buy directly from the USA, China or other sources, to your country, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, UK, anywhere. You choose item. You pay our office in your local currency. We ship to you. No extra cost or local store charges added.The most amazing and competitive prices you’ll get for original goods anywhere.


Clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, HD TVs, Dell computers, laptops, text books, Spare parts, MAC Engines, toothbrushes, phones, computer software, and all other items and accessories, you name it, you find it we fetch it in record time.

Just search online store catalog’s of any store in the USA or other countries we serve, choose what you want and send us a request ticket with the information on the good you want.


Our fine smart specialists would send you an invoice, which will include the cost price, plus a little extra for {our fees, packaging, handling and insurance}, and an estimated cost for shipping based on the weight of the item, standard shipping rates from US {Approximately $4.0/pound}. A $20 dollar shoe that weighs 0.8 pounds typically delivers for ~33 dollars total.

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